wedding thank you card wording

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

tips and samples to make writing your thank you notes easy


For each wedding gift that you receive it is essential that you send a personal thank you note.  Your note should be warm and heartfelt, but also short and simple. 

When writing your thank you notes, remember that it is the thought that counts.  Your guests will appreciate being appreciated for their gifts.  If you get stumped with your wedding thank you card wording, just follow our tips and wording samples to make the writing process easier on yourself.

  1. A Pen - Handwritten notes are the absolute best method for sending thank you cards for wedding gifts.  It is customary to use either a black or blue ink pen when writing thank you cards.

Basics of wedding thank you card wording:

No matter what wording you use for your wedding thank you cards, there are some basic things that you should try to include within each message.

  1. The names of the gift givers - For example, include a greeting such as "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

  2. The gift that was given - Try to be specific.  Include a sentence about the gift that your received and either why you like it or how you plan to use it.  If cash was given, write about how you plan to use the money but don't acknowledge the amount.

  3. Acknowledgement of either their presence or absence on your wedding day - If the gift-giver was able to attend your wedding, thank them for coming.  If the gift-giver was unable to attend, express that you missed them being there (without making them feel bad, of course).

  4. Gratitude from both of you - The thank you card should be written by either you or your spouse.  However, make sure that you express gratitude from both of you.  Whenever applicable, for example, say "[Spouse's name] and I thank you for..."

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas

wedding thank you cards wording

Mr. and Mrs. Foster,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your sweet gift.  Jessica and I love the picture frames and plan to use them to display some of our favorite photos from our wedding day.  We enjoyed getting to see you at the wedding and thank you for coming.  Hope to see you again soon!


[Your Names]

Dr. Fisher,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness on our special day.  Sam and I are saving for a down-payment on our first home, and your gift will be a great help towards reaching our goal.  We missed seeing you at the wedding, but really appreciate you thinking of us.  Hope to be able to catch up with you soon.

With best wishes,

[Your Names]

Dear Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom,

Thank you so much for your generous wedding gift.  Mark and I love the blender and can't wait to use it for smoothies and milkshakes.  We hope you can visit soon and we'll make you a treat with it!  Thank you also for taking the time to travel to our wedding.  It was a joy to have you be a part of our special day. 


[Your Names]

Dear Meredith,

We had such a great time getting to catch up with you over our wedding weekend!  Thank you so much for taking the time to come and also for the set of towels that you gave.  They are so soft and match our bathroom perfectly!  Steven and I hope you can come visit soon.


[Your Names]

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording Basics

Before you get started

Before you get started with your wedding thank you cards, you will need a few things.

  1. A list of gifts received - Make sure when opening gifts to keep track of who gave you which gift.  If you want to save time, record the gifts next to the gift-giver's name on a guest list that includes mailing addresses.

  2. Stationary - Try to find stationary that you love.  It will make writing the thank you notes much more enjoyable knowing that you are proud to send them to your friends and family.

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