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Wedding Thank You Card Wording

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Gifts after the wedding day – For gifts received after your wedding day, send a thank you card as soon as possible. 

The wording of your wedding thank you cards does not matter if you do not actually send your cards.  So our biggest piece of advice is to send

If, for some reason, you have not sent your thank you cards yet and it is more than two months after your wedding date – send your thank you notes anyway.  Many couples will be busy after their wedding and forget to take the time to write their thank you's.  Some couples don't even know that it is important to send thank you cards.  One card may get lost in a sofa cushion and not be found for several months.  No matter how late you are, when you realize that you should send thank you notes, just do it.  You can acknowledge in your letter that you know your gratitude is a little delayed, but that your gifts are much appreciated nevertheless.

To Summarize: Try your best to get your wedding thank you cards sent within the first month of marriage. If you're busy, give yourself some slack and send them within two months.  If you realize you've given yourself too much slack and are a bit late, just send your wedding thank you cards as soon as possible.


As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep your wedding thank you card wording simple so that you can send the cards in a reasonable amount of time.  So what is a reasonable time frame for sending thank you cards?

Gifts from showers - For gifts that are given at pre-wedding day showers, you should aim to send your thank you cards within two weeks of the shower.

When to Send Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding gifts before the wedding day – As with shower gifts, for any gift that arrives before your wedding day you should try to send a thank you within two weeks of the gift's arrival.  An exception to this rule of thumb can be made for gifts that arrive just days before your wedding day.  Send thank you notes for these gifts along with your wedding day gifts.

Wedding gifts – The majority of your gifts will most likely be given on your wedding day.  If you wish to follow tradition, try to get your thank you cards for wedding gifts sent within a month of returning from your honeymoon.  If you would rather give yourself some slack, get your thank you cards in the mail within two months of your wedding day.